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“How will we reach them for Christ?” is often the prayer of our hearts as we live among the people of Freedom/Watsonville, California.   

The city of Freedom has about 4,000 people and is encapsulated within Watsonville, a town of nearly 53,000.  The community is 80-90% Hispanic. Many of the people living here are hardworking migrant farming families. The Lord has burdened us to focus our efforts towards loving them and reaching them for Christ.  

Since our arrival, we have been learning about the community and the needs of the people.  Daily, we pray for avenues to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ into homes. We have been overjoyed to see answered prayers that have provided opportunities to love the people.


     Migrant families live difficult lives with many practical needs. Parents and often children work in the fields for ten hours a day, six days a week. Even working so hard, they struggle to make ends meet.  


      It is exciting and humbling to see how the Lord is using Freedom Teams.  A few years ago, we didn’t even know of the 176 unreached people groups living the North America. Now we are serving among them.  The needs of our community are great, but God is greater.  

Unreached People Groups


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