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  • Housing for the Freedom Team families

  • Housing for visiting teams that come to help in the work

  • Housing for disciples - such as apartments that can be leased, Freedom teams owned housing, or other

  • Location, building, and/or land for a Freedom Teams Center


  • A church building or meeting place for Freedom Bible Fellowship

  • Rental housing for Micah, Cristina, and family miraculously provided

  • A 2004 Sprinter Van was donated to the team and has been of great value

  • A 2016 Fiat 500 was donated to the team which has been helpful in saving gas for trips with one or two people

  • A home for Dan and Cyndi Williams to rent was provided in the perfect neighborhood

  • The Lord provided a home for Caleb and Anna to purchase and live in while here in California

  • Many miraculous stories of the Lord providing finances for month to month rental costs for the team

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