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One of the burdens the Lord has given us is to disciple His children that He brings our way. This is such a privilege! 


When Jesus was on earth, He often stated that apart from His Father He could do nothing. His disciples saw this lived out in His life. They witnessed Him doing the work His Father gave Him and His dependency on His Father. They watched how He spent much time alone in prayer and were privileged to join Him in prayer as well. They lived together, worked together, loved others together, and worshiped our Father together. This is our heart for those the Lord sends our way.


Our Father has been teaching us daily to walk with Him in intimacy and obedience. We desire to share and learn with others the joy of knowing Him through living life, working, praying, and worshiping our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ who are worthy of all glory, majesty, dominion, and power before all time and now and forever (Jude 24-25).

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